Globetrotter 1.0

Toolkit for travellers

Introducing Globetrotter, an extremely powerful and multi-faceted utility for your Sony Ericsson P800 or P900 smartphone. Globetrotter provides you with several key tools that make everyday life, as well as traveling, quite a bit easier.

World Time

Globetrotter's World Time screen is home to a wealth of information. In addition to getting the local time for nearly 360 cities worldwide, at a glance you can view today's high and low temperatures and conditions, whether it is daytime or nighttime, if that city is observing daylight savings time, and have quick access to city specific information and 7-day weather forecasts with a single tap. Also, you have the option of viewing three cities or five at one time as well as choosing a color scheme for the screen. You can even choose the clock face!

Weather Forecasts

We partnered with IntelliCast, the world's leading provider of weather data, for Globetrotter's Weather Forecasts section. In addition to a seven-day overview of upcoming weather, complete with colorful icons depicting expected weather conditions, Globetrotter also features a detailed text forecast providing even more information. Globetrotter also enables you to set a home city as well as five additional presets so you can download the latest weather information for your favorite cities. Your Globetrotter purchase includes a one-year subscription to neohand's weather forecast update service.

City Information

The City Information section provides valuable information on each of Globetrotter's 359 cities. With area codes, sunrise and sunset times, and typical monthly weather highs and lows, this section is an indispensable reference tool.

Currency Converter

Also included is a powerful currency conversion utility that enables you to simultaneously convert and compare three currencies, chosen from a list of more than 170 currencies built-in currencies, in addition to any additional custom currencies you decide to add. Globetrotter also includes a one-year subscription to neohand's currency rate update service, so you'll always have the latest currency rates on hand. You can also temporarily store recent conversions for later reference.

Unit Conversions

The unit conversion utility in Globetrotter assists you in converting from one unit of measurement to another. There are 22 categories of units: Acceleration, Area, Circular Measure, Computer, Cooking, Density, Energy, Force, Length, Line Density, Power, Pressure, Speed, Spread Rate By Mass, Spread Rate By Volume, Temperature, Time, Torque, Viscosity-Dynamic, Viscosity-Kinetic, Volume and Weight. Virtually every common measurement unit is represented here, and many uncommon ones as well.

Meeting Planner/Time Calculator

Scheduling meetings and conference calls with people in another time zone can be quite a challenge. The Meeting Planner/Time Calculator addresses the difficulties in accounting for time zone changes. You simply choose two cities from the 359 contained in Globetrotter and then specify the time and date for the first city. The corresponding time and date in the second city will then appear below.

Clothing Conversions

In general, shopping in another country can be quite a challenge, but shopping for clothing presents adds another set of challenges. Clothing size schemes in Europe differ from those in the United State, Japan and the United Kingdom. Globetrotter provides clothing size conversions for those four regions in several categories, including clothing and accessories for men, women and children.

And much more besides!

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Globetrotter 1.0